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Fully Alive Moms: Part 2

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By: Ashley Baker

Recently we learned that fully alive moms love God by obeying His word, and by diligently teaching His commands to their children. And because we want to be fully alive moms, we will be looking at how/when we should teach our children according to Deuteronomy 6:6-9.

How do we teach our children?

The simple answer is talk.

1. Talk to your children while you are sitting around the house. (Duet. 6: 7)

What is amazing about God’s word is that He outlines ways, times, and places for us to talk about Him. He shows us how we can know Him and ways that we can teach our children to know Him. The first way we teach our children God’s word is by talking to them when we are at home. When we are sitting around the table, eating. When we are on the couch, when we are on the floor playing with toys, etc… God’s word should be on our lips, His commands on our tongue.

2. Talk to your children when you go out.

This teaching isn’t just to stay within the four walls of our homes. Duet. 6:7 says, talk “when you walk by the way.” As we are encountering people, creation, and circumstances, God’s word must be in our mouth.

If we are at the zoo, teach them about how God created the animals. Show them how creative God is when you are at the aquarium or while you are looking at flowers.

When you are at the park and your child sees another toddler running away from his mother in disobedience teach them that God has something to say about that situation. Show them that God writes to children. Tell them about Ephesian 6:1 which says, “Children, obey your parents in the Lord for this is right.”

There will be so many opportunities on the way… on the way to Wal-Mart. On the way to a friend’s house, on the way to church, or work, or where ever you may be going. Teach them.

3.Talk to your children when it is bedtime.

God’s word says, “When you lie down” talk about God’s commands (Duet. 6:7). Bedtime is a great opportunity to teach little hearts. If for no other reason besides getting to stay awake a little longer, your kids will listen. Make time to lay with them on their beds at night.

God is giving a strategic time to talk to your children. And believe me, you won’t miss the opportunity to watch a little heart open to God. You won’t want to miss out on a chance to speak into your precious babies life.

4. Talk to your children when you wake up.

Have you ever noticed how happy a baby is to see you in the morning? My sweet baby Owen always has a big square smile in the mornings, because he is so excited to see me. His little arms are outstretched as he becomes breathy at the simple site of the door opening. As I reach to embrace him, there is a moment of sheer joy, cuddles, and fresh excitement. This is an opportunity! Each morning when God’s mercies are new, I have a moment to teach, to speak, and to show my children how much God loves them.

How sad would it be if all my kids saw of me in the morning was my back to the coffee pot? And all they heard were tired grunts from a sleepy mom? I’d be missing an opportunity for God to show up in my house and speak to my children.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not a morning person. I have the same messy bun pulled up onto the top of my head that you do in the morning, but this time of the day is strategic from the Lord. There can be a welcoming, a greeting, a showing of God’s new mercies. It is a fresh day. It is a great time to teach.

5. Talk to your children all the time.

You may have noticed that the writer of Deuteronomy is using opposite terms like lying down and rising, When you are at home, when you are out, etc… This is on purpose.

What God is trying to show us is that teaching our children the ways of God is meant to be all-encompassing. This takes all of our human effort. It will encompass all of our time. But with the grace of the Lord, and the power of the Holy Spirit we will see that this truth is so important that is must be the center of our labor and life. We are fighting for our children to know the person of Jesus!


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Fully Alive Kids, a subsidiary of Fully Alive Ministries, is a city-wide ministry devoted to creating an environment where parents and children encounter the radical love of God and are immersed in the transforming presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

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